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Recognising Achievement

A key part of Scouting’s Vision for 2018 is ensuring that our adult volunteers are valued. This can be achieved in a number of ways. There is always the opportunity for informal thanks for a job well done but there are also a number of more formal ways of recognising good service.

The District Commissioner for the Forest of Dean and the County Commissioner can formally acknowledge any leader's support, dedication and commitment to the movemenr and present a Commendation Award.


Local Awards

There are no specific criteria for these awards and is at the discretion of the relevant Commissioner. If you believe that someone deserves recognition for their contribution to Scouting but does not qualify for any other award please make a recommendation via your District Commissioner.

National Awards

The Scout Association can recognise an adult for their effort and contribution to Scouting via a number of awards. focuing on Good Service, Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct.


Further details of all the awards and how you can nominate someone can be found at


Nominations for many of the awards can be made at any time but for some, known as St George’s Day Awards, there is strict timetable. St George’s Day Awards include Silver Acorn, Bar to the Silver Acorn, and Silver Wolf.


The process takes several months and all nominations for these awards must be with the Awards Board at Headquarters by the end of August.


Nominations for Award for Merit, Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service etc can be submitted and awarded at any time of the year.

Awards Committee

The principle role of this panel is to:

  • To ensure the Association’s obligatory individual training requirements have been met for current appointment(s).

  • Consider and review nominations from Groups and Units to ensure all relevant details are provided and to forward these to the relevant Commissioner for approval and submission to the HQ Awards Board.

  • Ensure consistency in the citations and suggest changes as appropriate. To assist in writing citations where necessary.

  • Make recommendations to the relevant Commissioner for awards for district members, ie those with district appointments, and to consider recommending awards for members with Group and Unitappointments if appropriate.

  • The panel will have a purely advisory role.


If you require any help with making an application for an award, please contact Brian Wingfield by email